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Great apartment, great amenities. Hate the valet trash service. Also had a slight roach problem but that’s anywhere in Florida. Other than that, the pool, gym, coffee bar and everything are great.


Varela has been a welcome change from our last location. Clean, calm, beautiful place with great staff and amenities. We hope this is how it will remain.


Apartment is nice! Staff friendly. Amenities great! Just wish they were open more. Waiting for the electronic vehicle chargers that were supposed to be installed in March… it’s now 1 week until June. Many days the coffee bar is closed or nobody is working it. Maintenance is quick and precise and very friendly. Overall 4-4.5 stars. Some of the neighbors are loud.


Have had a wonderful experience living at Varela so far! Everyone is friendly and respectful, areas are clean, and the amenities are unbeatable.


Awesome staff, great amenities..love the Varela! Sometimes there are fire ants by the dog park, but..welcome to Florida! The updates being made have been fantastic!


Just moved in and so far the front office staff and maintenance staff have been very helpful! The area is very clean and very dog friendly. I would highly recommend this apartment to friends.


I love living within walking distance of so many restaurants and shops. The staff is always very accommodating. The community gatherings are a lot of fun and Varela does a great job of fostering a sense of community. The amenities are top notch.


Beautiful apartment in a good location. Note that since it’s dog friendly you might notice some smells around the apartment building. So that could be bothersome for non pet owners.


Love it so far. Everyone in the office has been so nice to me during this whole process of moving in. I am recommending this complex to my friends who are also looking.


The area is full of a lot of things that are great and maintenance is always super fast and reliable here at the Community I cannot give enough praise to them.

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