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So far loving everything I was unsure which complex to move into and I am so happy I chose Valera it’s quite everyone is friendly that I have met clean pool/lounge areas amenities have been amazing


They have a wonderful huge dog park and lots of dog friendly activities!! Our little pup loves it!! There are lots of amenities and two pools!!


Staff and maintenance are great and super responsive. Maintenance issues are super easy to submit and usually within 24 hours they come by and fix it.


New to Tampa from MI, love it so far here! Has a lot of amenities and in the middle of everything! Nice apartments and area. Would recommend.

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I am new to this apartment, but it is certainly the nicest place I have ever lived. Definitely an upgrade from my past apartment all around.


The staff has been very accommodating regarding all of our changes and needs. I would like to see an improvement in the key fob situation as they seem broken more than not.


Office stall is amazing!! The property has everything amenity wise you can imagine, and the location is perfect to anything you can imagine.


Another year in Varela Westshore Apartments. Happy New Year to all my neighbors ans Varela staff !!! Great community and place to live in ❤️


love it here, best first apartment after leaving student housing. everyone is so nice and everything is so clean. dog friendly. you can get your moneys worth with all the great ammenities and perks


So far we have had an amazing experience with everyone from our neighbors to the staff. The staff has been super accommodating and willing to answer any questions we have.

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